Poynt has 2 ways of integrating with payment processors and gateways:

Integraiton Options

Option A is typically implemented by Poynt.

Option B can be implemented by the payment processor or a third-party ISV. Unlike building a payment application on a traditional terminal, integrating with another processing host on Poynt does not require building a payment UI or implementing low level card reader commands - this is taken care of by the Poynt Services app. Poynt providers a Transaction Service interface that you would need to implement in your service application to provide data translation and the communication between the terminal and your host.

Note: This integration option requires E2EE (end-to-end encryption) of card data. If your host does not support E2EE direct integration will not be possible.

Since Option B is a self-integration and Poynt will provide only limited support, the following is required:

If you would like to get additional information please contact devsupport@poynt.com.