Assigning a product catalog to a Poynt Register can be done through portal. Usually this involves creating a catalog (either through a csv file upload or manually entry), and assigning it to a terminal registered with your business.


  1. Register as a Poynt Developer
  2. Setup PoyntOS on a Poynt Terminal or an Android device/emulator
  3. Activate Poynt Terminal through the ‘SetUp Wizard’

Create a Catalog (using bulk upload method)

  1. Login to Developer Portal with your developer account

  2. Select the test business that you want to add the Catalog for.
    Login Account Chooser
    Login Account Chooser 2

  3. Click on PRODUCTS in the top navigation bar
    Top Nav

  4. Click on BULK UPLOAD button

  5. Download the sample csv file (either the simple catalog or the one with variants), update it to with your products and categories
    • NOTE: You must maintain the format of each line to match the header inside the file
    • Here is a sample with famous Girl Scout Cookies: GSCookies.csv
      Bulk Upload
  6. Drag and drop your catalog csv file to begin your catalog upload
    • Wait until you see the upload as complete (green check mark)
      Bulk Upload Status
  7. Click on PRODUCTS in the left navigation to confirm the products you’ve uploaded.

Assign Catalog to Register

  1. Click on TERMINALS & APPS in the top navigation bar
    Top Nav

  2. You should see the terminal that you’ve activated (either on Poynt Terminal or an Android device/emulator)

  3. Click on Edit under actions to open Terminal info page.

  4. Click on Select Catalog to open Catalog selection dialog
    Select Catalog

  5. Once a catalog is selected, it will be assigned to the terminal.
    Terminal Info

  6. At this point your terminal is configured with your catalog, and the Poynt Register would load the Catalog when it’s started next time.