Default Apps

Poynt Terminal comes with a list of default apps that can be configured by Poynt.

Payment Fragment


A simple calculator app that allows merchants to type in amount and accept payment.


Transactions list is actually part of the Terminal app but it has its own icon on the launcher screen. Transaction list displays a list of transactions (sales, refunds, voids, etc) and allows merchants to tap on any of the transactions to perform specific actions like refund, void, print receipt, etc.


A simple POS which pulls down the catalog of products from the Poynt cloud and allows merchants to scan items, apply discounts, save orders and other operations.


This app is used to adjust transactions, initiate settlement, view transaction and batch reports.

Manual Entry

This app was created for merchant’s convenience to quickly access the manual entry mode. Merchant can also initiate a manual entry transaction from the Payment Fragment UI. While this app is available on developer units, it may not be available for merchants on specific processors.


Poynt Store where merchants can browse, purchase and download 3rd party applications and cancel subscriptions.


Merchants can create or update their product catalog by using Poynt HQ or using Catalog app.


This app has several video tutorials, support contain information, knowledgebase articles and a diagnostics app.


A Simple calculator app.