Plan scopes

All billing plans can be set at different scopes based on your business model. At Poynt, merchants can have multiple stores (MIDs) in their business, and each store can have one or more terminals (TIDs). Store scope provides the best coverage for most of the applications.

Subscription life-cycle

Poynt Billing service is responsible for maintaining the life-cycle of each subscription. The subscriptions are initiated when a merchant signs up for one and ended when either a merchant explicitly requests a cancellation or fails to pay for the subscription within the allowed grace period.

NOTE: Merchants can cancel the subscriptions by themselves through the Poynt Apps app via the Account screen.

Verifying Subscriptions

While Poynt Apps and Billing services take care of handling all billing needs for your app, it is very important for your applications to perform all the necessary checks to make sure all your users have subscribed to your app and their subscriptions are in good standing. Poynt In-App and RESTful Billing APIs provides various ways for you to perform these checks from your App or from your backend:

Grandfathering existing merchants

Whenever an update to your app is released, it is very important to make sure all existing merchant can continue to use your app - not just the newly subscribed merchants. This includes both merchants that have installed your app without any subscriptions in the past or with subscriptions using older billing plans.

Upgrades & downgrades

At this moment Poynt Billing Fragment does not provide support for upgrade/downgrade of billing plans in an existing merchant subscription. We do intend to add support for this in the near future, but until then please contact Poynt Developer Support after you’ve upgraded a merchant (with their consent) with details about which old subscription to end, so Poynt can make sure merchants are not double charged.

Test Merchants

Developers and Test teams using Poynt DevKits and emulators use “Test Merchant” accounts for development and testing. While Poynt makes sure that Test Merchants are not charged for the usage, it’s your responsibility to access control usage of your app. You can verify the business type to make sure it’s a LIVE or TEST merchant.